Friday, November 11, 2011

Did you know...

that Jake is Arizona's cross country STATE CHAMP?

Because he is.

And J-dawg-diggity-dawg... I'll be there next year to see you win it AGAIN (pinky thumb nuckle kiss).

Friday, October 7, 2011

Hallmark: Take Note!

Jake wrote the following little diddy in Byron's birthday card:


BYOB...No need to explain that one. Haha. But seriously HAPPY BIRTHDAY champ. Go do something crazy or play with a doll or shoot a sign. Anything that you do on this oh so special day, REMEMBER do it while you're still young brother. I love you with the passion of 1,000 jumping kangaroos. ****

With Love,


*Names were not changed to protect the innocent.
 **Punctuation added throughout for clarity.
***Jake is a champ for using "you're" correctly (even though he apparently doesn't know how to use commas or periods).
****Emphasis added.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Rhymes with late

There is only one explanation as to how I was able to secure the EXACT 
same kitchen set for my posterity that I grew up playing with...

FATE people. FATE.
Awesomest Ghettoest Kitchen Set Ever: $5
Wesson's Outfit: Priceless

We don't have any play food for it yet, and I don't anticipate buying some anytime soon. However, he has plenty of fun "baking" his toy cars and using the entire thing as a jungle gym.
That's my boy!

Totally unrelated, but after a year of staring at the tools and wood pile in my garage trying to work up the courage to tackle my first project... I FINALLY did it! I built something!
Here's the little toddler bed I built for Wes. In true Scott Wynn fashion, Byron made me build it myself. He stood there and acted as my clamps, but I read the plans, drilled ever hole, pounded every nail, and cut every piece of wood. And it true Steffanie fashion, I was so mad at him the entire time for not helping me, BUT now I'm glad because I learned a lot (as usual).

I can't wait to give it a coat of paint this week and get it into Wes' room!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Besties P2

Wes was really concerned about her cast.  Sophie is telling him it's ok.

Um....yeah.  They love each other.  

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

So Tender I want to DIE

Click on the image to enlarge. It will open in a seperate window. From there you can click on the article again to magnify the text so it's a readable size...
 A few inaccuracies I must report:
  • Zach's best time in 800 is 2:00 not 2:06.
  • They don't have a sister who runs marathons. They have a sister who ran a marathon.
  • Both parents ran competitively? Um... no. Dad may have swam across the English Channel after Nam, but he didn't run competitively as far as I know.
  • Zach claims he didn't say "I don't like working hard"...  he says that he said "Running is hard work!" For the record, Jake says he heard what the reporter heard. :-)
  • Ummm.... Unless BYU knows something we do not, Zach does not have a scholarship to run there. It would be SWEET if he did, but he doesn't and nobody seems to know where the reporter got that little tid bit of info. According to Jake, "He must have mad-libbed it." Yes Jake, I will make fun of you forever for saying that. It's a real "knee jogger" if you know what I mean!! :-)

BYU-- In case you're reading, Zach will gladly take the scholarship if you want to offer him one. 

Go Get 'em Boys!! Errr... should I say... "Go bash each others brains!"

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A tribute the awesome brother who:

Shamelessly picks his nose and eats his boogers ("they're salty!"),

is always into mischief,

and, loves to fall asleep in silky golden tutus.

Cross dressing is against the honor code -- so you have a few more months to wean yourself of that habit (you could always just wear it under your clothes though, if you really can't give it up). However, I know of no rule against picking your nose (or eating your boogers). Phew!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Yeah, BUT...

Yes, they still call they guy with the lowest GPA in med school a doctor.


What happens to the guys with low undergrad GPAs?  Oh, let's see...


That, my friends, is why you should take your undergraduate education very, VERY seriously.

Peace OUT.

No need for Corrections

Zach. I'm the youngest one ACTUALLY at BYU right now, so I'd suggest using my list first... Ya Steff had a scholarship blah blah..but I run. I school (ya i verbed it). I will graduate...and you know what they call the last guy in the class in medical school?!


...just think about it. College. It's the B.E.S.T. BEST!


97 Days until the start of the rest of your life! WOO!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Corrections to the Corrections

Ellie did a pretty good job at fixing things, but I still have a few things to add:

#2- Yeah, I'm sorry, but freshman go a little overboard with the Frisbee thing...

#7 - Be sure to purchase the wheat bread (but no, it's not 100% whole wheat bread). When I worked there, people would occasionally come up to the counter and say, "I'd like a loaf of whole wheat bread with honey butter." And I had this STRANGE coworker that would reply, "Well, it's not whole wheat bread. It's only 25% whole wheat" as she handed them their bread bag. It was hilarious.

#8 - Don't go lay out with your swimming suit on. I can't believe Ellie suggested this. You are already obsessed enough with your body. Keep your shirt on at all times (except in your dorm room) or actually AT A POOL.  Hahaha... one of the funniest moments I have from Helaman Halls is when, after a long snowy winter, a sunny day in MARCH finally came and EVERYONE put on their suits and went to the pool. Hehehe. Never mind that it was still 40 degrees outside -- the SUN WAS OUT, so that means pool time to everyone NOT from AZ.

#5- A suggestion:  Tin foil everything in his room. EVERYTHING. I've seen it done. It was a masterpiece. They even foiled the person's pencils and paperclips and shoes (not clothes though).

Now on to Lolo's list:

#2 - Man slumber parties weird girls out. Just sayin'.  But I'll leave the final decision on this one up to you.

#4 - DO NOT play sardines on campus -- especially in the library. Unless you want to be hated by everyone else on campus.

#7 - You think that eating a lot of junk food won't hurt you...  wrong, wrong, wrong. Girls are not the only one who gain the freshman 20. Boys' metabolisms start to change to, you know. And, boys with muffin tops are no more attractive than girls with muffin tops. Plus, you just feel gross when you eat a ton of junk.

#9 - DO NOT SKIP CLASS! EVER! I'm not just saying this!!! Seriously, I NEVER, EVER did and let me remind you that I was the one who ended up with a 3 1/2 year academic scholarship. Think about that one :-). On a side note, it never hurts to sit in front, get to know the teacher (yes, I advocate brown-nosing), and make friends with the smart people so you can study with them!  PLEASE DO WELL IN SCHOOL. You have no idea how it will help (or hurt) you later on!

I am stepping off my soap box now...

Love you!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Few Corrections

1.  The cups must be filled with either chocolate milk or blue powerade.  Those are your only options.  And when you are finished, get a plate full of waffles and top them off with chocolate ice cream.

2.  DO NOT play frisbee every night.  I'll think you are a nerd if you do.

3.  Eat dinner at Rob and Ellie's as often as possible.  Then use your extra dinning money to take Rob to lunch so I don't have to make him one.

4.  Roast mallows on the lights at the Bell Tower.

5.  Steal someone's (a friend...preferably Doug) room key and play jokes on them by doing crazy things to their room when they are not there.  Seriously.

6.  Study on the 2nd floor of the library by the gigantic, rotating globe.

7.  Buy a mini loaf of bread and honey butter from Sugar N' Spice and eat it for lunch.  ONLY.

8.  Put on your swimming suit and "lay out" in the grassy area outside your dorms.  Don't worry...everyone else will be doing it too.

And no matter what anyone tells you, NEVER ride your bike on campus.  I will hunt you down.

Here's What's NEW

Our very own dearest father has been made the Bishop! I am, quite frankly, astonished! No, not because I didn't think dad was righteous enough...because I didn't think I was...I mean you can't have a Bishop with crazy kids...but actually you can..

Dad! You're the B.E.S.T. BEST! Although this may feel a bit overwhelming we all know that not only can you do it, but that you were CALLED to! You're the bomb-diggity!!! We're rootin' for ya!

Zach has been accepted to the Y! THE Y! How lucky are we? 4 of 5 at BYU! (Don't let us down now Jakey!) In honor of this I wanted to share a few things you must do as a freshman (idea in honor of Steff):
1-Get a tray of only cups while at the Cannon: they can either be filled with ALL chocolate milk, or one of each kind of choose.
2-Stay up all night long talking in the halls with all the boys there. Although this is a given that this will happen (multiple times) I would suggest doing it ONCE, no more than THRICE...just trust me on this one..ya gotta end a party while it's still good so you wanna go back, right?!
3-Take a girl on a date to DIEGO'S (in honor of Steff and Byron)-chances are she'll wanna marry you on the spot..and hey, that's just one more girl to write you while you're on the mish!
4-Play sardines on campus. Simple and fun-do it.
5-Sit down somewhere on campus and just watch. Watch people walk by-you'll see things you've never seen before (plus my personal fav-people reading/studying while they "walk") Enjoy it while you can.
6-EAT AT J DAWG'S! (no details necessary for this...just do it! 3 bucks and a WHOLE lot of JOY!)
7-Save all your money on your card and buy a whole lot of junk food at the creamery!
8-Save all the money up on your card and eat at the Skyroom! And don't forget a date (ME!)!
9-Skip class once just because you can. DON'T do it more than'll regret it, especially in the summer. But really, do it once. It's nice to not have to pretend sick or any other thing to get out of part: you don't need a mother to give you a note or call you's awesome!
10-ENJOY THE SUMMER! Play frisbee EVERY night! (even when you have a paper due! It will give you some adrenaline to finish it). Hang out. Meet new people. Enjoy the weather. Find crazy things to do!
....the list can go on forever, but we'll wrap it up for now!