Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Here's What's NEW

Our very own dearest father has been made the Bishop! I am, quite frankly, astonished! No, not because I didn't think dad was righteous enough...because I didn't think I was...I mean you can't have a Bishop with crazy kids...but actually you can..

Dad! You're the B.E.S.T. BEST! Although this may feel a bit overwhelming we all know that not only can you do it, but that you were CALLED to! You're the bomb-diggity!!! We're rootin' for ya!

Zach has been accepted to the Y! THE Y! How lucky are we? 4 of 5 at BYU! (Don't let us down now Jakey!) In honor of this I wanted to share a few things you must do as a freshman (idea in honor of Steff):
1-Get a tray of only cups while at the Cannon: they can either be filled with ALL chocolate milk, or one of each kind of choose.
2-Stay up all night long talking in the halls with all the boys there. Although this is a given that this will happen (multiple times) I would suggest doing it ONCE, no more than THRICE...just trust me on this one..ya gotta end a party while it's still good so you wanna go back, right?!
3-Take a girl on a date to DIEGO'S (in honor of Steff and Byron)-chances are she'll wanna marry you on the spot..and hey, that's just one more girl to write you while you're on the mish!
4-Play sardines on campus. Simple and fun-do it.
5-Sit down somewhere on campus and just watch. Watch people walk by-you'll see things you've never seen before (plus my personal fav-people reading/studying while they "walk") Enjoy it while you can.
6-EAT AT J DAWG'S! (no details necessary for this...just do it! 3 bucks and a WHOLE lot of JOY!)
7-Save all your money on your card and buy a whole lot of junk food at the creamery!
8-Save all the money up on your card and eat at the Skyroom! And don't forget a date (ME!)!
9-Skip class once just because you can. DON'T do it more than'll regret it, especially in the summer. But really, do it once. It's nice to not have to pretend sick or any other thing to get out of part: you don't need a mother to give you a note or call you's awesome!
10-ENJOY THE SUMMER! Play frisbee EVERY night! (even when you have a paper due! It will give you some adrenaline to finish it). Hang out. Meet new people. Enjoy the weather. Find crazy things to do!
....the list can go on forever, but we'll wrap it up for now!

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