Monday, September 26, 2011

Rhymes with late

There is only one explanation as to how I was able to secure the EXACT 
same kitchen set for my posterity that I grew up playing with...

FATE people. FATE.
Awesomest Ghettoest Kitchen Set Ever: $5
Wesson's Outfit: Priceless

We don't have any play food for it yet, and I don't anticipate buying some anytime soon. However, he has plenty of fun "baking" his toy cars and using the entire thing as a jungle gym.
That's my boy!

Totally unrelated, but after a year of staring at the tools and wood pile in my garage trying to work up the courage to tackle my first project... I FINALLY did it! I built something!
Here's the little toddler bed I built for Wes. In true Scott Wynn fashion, Byron made me build it myself. He stood there and acted as my clamps, but I read the plans, drilled ever hole, pounded every nail, and cut every piece of wood. And it true Steffanie fashion, I was so mad at him the entire time for not helping me, BUT now I'm glad because I learned a lot (as usual).

I can't wait to give it a coat of paint this week and get it into Wes' room!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Besties P2

Wes was really concerned about her cast.  Sophie is telling him it's ok.

Um....yeah.  They love each other.