Monday, September 26, 2011

Rhymes with late

There is only one explanation as to how I was able to secure the EXACT 
same kitchen set for my posterity that I grew up playing with...

FATE people. FATE.
Awesomest Ghettoest Kitchen Set Ever: $5
Wesson's Outfit: Priceless

We don't have any play food for it yet, and I don't anticipate buying some anytime soon. However, he has plenty of fun "baking" his toy cars and using the entire thing as a jungle gym.
That's my boy!

Totally unrelated, but after a year of staring at the tools and wood pile in my garage trying to work up the courage to tackle my first project... I FINALLY did it! I built something!
Here's the little toddler bed I built for Wes. In true Scott Wynn fashion, Byron made me build it myself. He stood there and acted as my clamps, but I read the plans, drilled ever hole, pounded every nail, and cut every piece of wood. And it true Steffanie fashion, I was so mad at him the entire time for not helping me, BUT now I'm glad because I learned a lot (as usual).

I can't wait to give it a coat of paint this week and get it into Wes' room!


Wynn Family said...

Completely totally awesome! That's me girl... I think all you girls got all your dads talents of handy dandy with everything you touch!!! :)
Did I ever tell you guys I have the cutest grandbabies ever!!!

A. Verzello said...

Steff, you are AWESOME! That bed is totally impressive. Wed better appreciate! ;)