Friday, December 31, 2010

Mother Dear

Happy 28th!  Your the greatest.

A few things we love about you....

I love her cheesecake.  Rob

She is super thoughtful.  Rob

She puts up with a lot of crap and she is really patient.  Rob

I love Grandma because she is a great dancer.  Sophie

I love her because she is the silliest/funniest grandma ever.  Sophie

I love Grandma because we have the same hair.  Sophie (not Wes)

I love Mom because she says the funniest knee slappers i've ever heard.  Ellie

I love Mom because she's the only person I know that can hold on to milk duds for dear life.  Ellie

I love Mom because she makes the best dessert/everything else yummy in the world.  Ellie

I love you because even after I almost "robbed" you when dad was out of town, you still let me sleep in your bed.  Ellie

I love Mom because no matter how many times I ignore (not purposefully, of course) her phone calls she keeps calling back.  Ellie

I love Mom because she probably has the best singing voice in the world.  Ellie

I love Mom because she is the most thoughtful person I have ever met.  Ellie

I love Mom because she can still rock clothing from the 1990's (i.e. overalls and sweater-vests)   Ellie

I love you because you have freakishly strong thigh's.  Ellie

People....people who need people, are the luckiest people in the world.  Ellie

I love your awesome songs (spiders web, love is something if you give it away..ect).  Ellie

I love mom because she always knows right when to turn on the kitchen sink!  Ellie

I love mom because she always knows what to everyone.  And how to make everyone feel good about themselves.  Ellie

She's a great counselor.  Ellie

She's already the funnest (yes, funnest IS a word) grandma ever.  Ellie

She is forgiving.  Ellie

I love mom because she always made sure we had our lunches.  Even when it was the 5th trip to school that day.  Ellie

I love mom because she is the only mom I know that takes her kids to go toilet papering.  Ellie

I love mom because she thinks of everyone else before she thinks of herself.  Ellie

I love mom because she would stay up till 3 in the morning to help Zach and I finish our science fair projects (and just about every other project we ever did).  Ellie

Mother Dear I love you so, your happy smiling face.  Your such a joy to look at.  You make home a happy place.  Ellie.

I love Grandma because she makes the best banana bread/muffins (and sneaks them to me)! -Wes

I love Grandma because she lets me talk to her on the phone every day. - Wes

I love Mom because of her awesome cooking! - Byron

I love Mom because she is so generous. Steff

I love Mom because she is a redhead!!!! Steff

I love Mom because she did my dishes. Steff

I love Mom because she is practically perfect in every way. Steff

I love Mom because she is my Barbara Streisand. Steff

I love Mom because she mysteriously never gets any older. Steff

I love when Ingrid comes to visit.  –Loren
Your words and phrases…ex: “Your stuff is scattered from heck to breakfast!” Or: “That’s a knee jogger!”-Loren
When you shoot birds…?  -Loren
Your reaction to your fear of spiders and other crawly slithery creatures…  -Loren
When you laugh really really hard.  -Loren
Talking on the phone with you.  -Loren
Swapping date stories  -Loren
The advice, sympathy, and especially EMPATHY you give me.  -Loren
The fact that you’re MY mother!  -Loren
Your DELICIOUS food.  -Loren
Your banana bread, poppy-seed almond cake, and potato anything (these are not included in your “food” category)  -Loren
Your love and knowledge of the scriptures.  -Loren
I was so lucky to have you as my seminary teacher!  -Loren
When you sleep over at my apartment (and sleep in my bed with me)  -Loren
When you fell down the stairs…BUT SAVED THE MILK DUDS! VICTORY!  -Loren
When you let me jump in bed with you and snuggle.  -Loren
How you always know what I need…need physically and spiritually.  -Loren
How funny you are.  -Loren
How fun you are to be around.  -Loren
Your mad game and card skills.  -Loren
Your BEAUTIFUL red locks!  -Loren
You’re always the first to help...  -Loren
How willing you are to help anyone and everyone in need.  -Loren
Your wonderfully magnificent singing voice  -Loren 
My friends are only friends with me because of you...obviously.  -Loren
Your sweet awesome swan dive into the pool.  -Loren
Lime slushies…’nough said.  -Loren
You always know everything.  -Loren
When you make fun of dad.  -Loren

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Wall

Dad: Yeah, I was going along fine then about mile 20 I hit a big wall. The Great Wall of China actually.
Guy: That's a big wall.
Dad: Yeah. And then I walked around it.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

That's my Dad!

Yeah, Dad ran the St. George marathon over the weekend... it was awesome.
He's pretty cool. But you already knew that.

 Me, Wes, Ellie, Sophie, Lolo, and Mom went with to cheer him on. These pics are about 100 yards from the finish line... but we also saw him at mile 16. He showed up about 10-15 minutes before we were expecting him so we didn't even see him! He just walked right up to us and said, "Hi guys!" We felt soooo bad! We wanted to cheer the LOUDEST for him and we almost missed him!! That's okay ... I'm pretty sure we cheered the loudest at the finish line. People were moving away from us we were so loud. Yesssss. We also cried practically the entire day. It is really inspiring to watch. Maybe one of these years we'll ALL do one together... but until then, I'm looking forward to our annual Rob- Lu-Barb & Ed run this Christmas.

Oh yeah, and Spidey ran the marathon too...
P.S. If you're thinking of running a marathon... don't run this one.... it was HOTTTTTT outside.  Blah! 
I felt soooo bad for the runners... escpecially Spiderman.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

THE indian

A trip to Disneyland is not complete without the classic pic with chief wannahawkaloogy.

Just kidding, so we've never actually named him, have we? That is too bad. We really need to do that ASAP. Accepting name suggestions for the chief in the comment field.
P.S. Sooo jealous that I wasn't there with you.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

For my Mommalisa and Dad, Dad, Daddy-O

This one again... just cause his crack is soooo cute.

Posin' like a punk with Grandma Wynn... sorry, but calling her great grandma is just weird. I can't do it.

And here they are... the pictures Mom has been waiting for since April...


I am somwhat ashamed to say that the peep was gone... (I mean completely devoured)... in less than one minute. Dangit.

You think his head looks deformed here? Oh my goodness. You should have seen this goose egg at it's peak. HOLY BUCKETS it was LARGE!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A few little GEMS

Let's kick things off with this family picture taken August of 1990. There are sooooo many awesome things going on in this picture... For example my cheeks (and gigantic head), mom's eye shadow, etc.
What you are about to read is a GEM I tell you! Created for Mom by our very own Miss Lolo. This letter is awesome beyond awesome. Scroll down for the translation if you'd rather not try to decipher her handwriting.
Dear Mom,
I love you so so so much! I missed you SO much too! Mom, I hope you had fun on Friday with Grandpa!! Cause I sure didn't have the best friday, and way. Mom, we were very busy, (especially me, I was trying to keep the house clean, so was Dad), well I told you about it, then I still went to my game and that was the day. On Sat. we were gone all day! we were at Zachs, to Jakes, to Steffy & Ellies practice, then Steffy's & Ellie's pictures, the my pictures at 3:20, (Ellies 3 basketball games and then that was pretty much the day, except the missionaries came over and we did the king game because 1 elder was leaving Monday. (Also we had ice-cream with them). So mom, I know you're going to be mad but I didn't practice the piano. Mom, I know what you're going to say and I'm VERY SORRY!!!, I know I'm a spaceout, I'm stupid, in fact I'm the stupidest Person Alive!, but if you'll forgive me, I'd be happier. And if you're not to mad maybe, just maybe you might help me after school on Monday. Mom I know you're probably mad, well very mad at me for not practiceing, but I tried so, so, so hard to help keep the house clean. Well, I love you very much , see ya in the morning!
Love ya always,
(your very, very, very, very stupid daughter)
(Whatever! I'm so dumb, stupid, idiot!)

On to another treasure... Zach biting his toenails. YUM

Another letter from Lolo to Mom... translation at the end.

Dear Mom,
I love you very much.
P.S. Why don't you at least say, "I can't come tuck you in" if you can't?! Because you always say you are going to come give me a kiss before I fall asleep, and I always try to stay up as long as I can because you say you are going to tuck me in. I just want you to come tuck me in ONCE!!! PLEASE!!!
P.S.S. I also want you to tuck me in because I need a back scratch!

Here's one I wrote at school...
Raging? Huh... wonder what my teacher was thinking when I handed this one in!

This is the first time we were all tall enough to ride Splash Mountain!!! That was a great day -- and it came after years and years of Dad trying to sneak us all onto rides we were too short for. Poor Lolo. She was too short until she was like 11.

Jake's face is CLASSIC in the pic below... He still makes this face just about every day.
On a side note, if you've never been to Disney Land with Jeffrey Scott Wynn... YOU'VE NEVER LIVED!!! No really, it's just more fun if he's there. Period.
And this one was taken in 2005. Still can't believe we all agreed to do this.
Dear Jack, I now (know) you like Dog so I made this picture for you. Love, Ellie
**Um, we have a brother named JAKE... but Jack works too.

Dear Zack, I pick theis picture because you love donosours. I love you Zack, Love Ellie.