Tuesday, October 5, 2010

That's my Dad!

Yeah, Dad ran the St. George marathon over the weekend... it was awesome.
He's pretty cool. But you already knew that.

 Me, Wes, Ellie, Sophie, Lolo, and Mom went with to cheer him on. These pics are about 100 yards from the finish line... but we also saw him at mile 16. He showed up about 10-15 minutes before we were expecting him so we didn't even see him! He just walked right up to us and said, "Hi guys!" We felt soooo bad! We wanted to cheer the LOUDEST for him and we almost missed him!! That's okay ... I'm pretty sure we cheered the loudest at the finish line. People were moving away from us we were so loud. Yesssss. We also cried practically the entire day. It is really inspiring to watch. Maybe one of these years we'll ALL do one together... but until then, I'm looking forward to our annual Rob- Lu-Barb & Ed run this Christmas.

Oh yeah, and Spidey ran the marathon too...
P.S. If you're thinking of running a marathon... don't run this one.... it was HOTTTTTT outside.  Blah! 
I felt soooo bad for the runners... escpecially Spiderman.


The Martz Guppies said...

YAAAAAYYYYYYY Scott! You're AWESOME!!!!!!!! Seriosuly, good job Grandpa! ; ) he he!
We love you guys and are so happy for all the 'thoners in the family!

Wynn Family said...

Way to go Scotty it was awesome!!!