Wednesday, July 14, 2010

For my Mommalisa and Dad, Dad, Daddy-O

This one again... just cause his crack is soooo cute.

Posin' like a punk with Grandma Wynn... sorry, but calling her great grandma is just weird. I can't do it.

And here they are... the pictures Mom has been waiting for since April...


I am somwhat ashamed to say that the peep was gone... (I mean completely devoured)... in less than one minute. Dangit.

You think his head looks deformed here? Oh my goodness. You should have seen this goose egg at it's peak. HOLY BUCKETS it was LARGE!


The Martz Guppies said...

That was AWESOME! I was so glad to witness the peep was just what you would have hoped for! ; )
And the goose egg? Steff? Did my kids have anything to do with that??? Tell the truth!

Steff said...

nope. trust me... the goose egg was all my fault :( It's actually a sad and embarrassing story... i'll have to tell you what we think happened sometime