Sunday, January 24, 2010

A few little GEMS

Let's kick things off with this family picture taken August of 1990. There are sooooo many awesome things going on in this picture... For example my cheeks (and gigantic head), mom's eye shadow, etc.
What you are about to read is a GEM I tell you! Created for Mom by our very own Miss Lolo. This letter is awesome beyond awesome. Scroll down for the translation if you'd rather not try to decipher her handwriting.
Dear Mom,
I love you so so so much! I missed you SO much too! Mom, I hope you had fun on Friday with Grandpa!! Cause I sure didn't have the best friday, and way. Mom, we were very busy, (especially me, I was trying to keep the house clean, so was Dad), well I told you about it, then I still went to my game and that was the day. On Sat. we were gone all day! we were at Zachs, to Jakes, to Steffy & Ellies practice, then Steffy's & Ellie's pictures, the my pictures at 3:20, (Ellies 3 basketball games and then that was pretty much the day, except the missionaries came over and we did the king game because 1 elder was leaving Monday. (Also we had ice-cream with them). So mom, I know you're going to be mad but I didn't practice the piano. Mom, I know what you're going to say and I'm VERY SORRY!!!, I know I'm a spaceout, I'm stupid, in fact I'm the stupidest Person Alive!, but if you'll forgive me, I'd be happier. And if you're not to mad maybe, just maybe you might help me after school on Monday. Mom I know you're probably mad, well very mad at me for not practiceing, but I tried so, so, so hard to help keep the house clean. Well, I love you very much , see ya in the morning!
Love ya always,
(your very, very, very, very stupid daughter)
(Whatever! I'm so dumb, stupid, idiot!)

On to another treasure... Zach biting his toenails. YUM

Another letter from Lolo to Mom... translation at the end.

Dear Mom,
I love you very much.
P.S. Why don't you at least say, "I can't come tuck you in" if you can't?! Because you always say you are going to come give me a kiss before I fall asleep, and I always try to stay up as long as I can because you say you are going to tuck me in. I just want you to come tuck me in ONCE!!! PLEASE!!!
P.S.S. I also want you to tuck me in because I need a back scratch!

Here's one I wrote at school...
Raging? Huh... wonder what my teacher was thinking when I handed this one in!

This is the first time we were all tall enough to ride Splash Mountain!!! That was a great day -- and it came after years and years of Dad trying to sneak us all onto rides we were too short for. Poor Lolo. She was too short until she was like 11.

Jake's face is CLASSIC in the pic below... He still makes this face just about every day.
On a side note, if you've never been to Disney Land with Jeffrey Scott Wynn... YOU'VE NEVER LIVED!!! No really, it's just more fun if he's there. Period.
And this one was taken in 2005. Still can't believe we all agreed to do this.
Dear Jack, I now (know) you like Dog so I made this picture for you. Love, Ellie
**Um, we have a brother named JAKE... but Jack works too.

Dear Zack, I pick theis picture because you love donosours. I love you Zack, Love Ellie.

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