Friday, December 31, 2010

Mother Dear

Happy 28th!  Your the greatest.

A few things we love about you....

I love her cheesecake.  Rob

She is super thoughtful.  Rob

She puts up with a lot of crap and she is really patient.  Rob

I love Grandma because she is a great dancer.  Sophie

I love her because she is the silliest/funniest grandma ever.  Sophie

I love Grandma because we have the same hair.  Sophie (not Wes)

I love Mom because she says the funniest knee slappers i've ever heard.  Ellie

I love Mom because she's the only person I know that can hold on to milk duds for dear life.  Ellie

I love Mom because she makes the best dessert/everything else yummy in the world.  Ellie

I love you because even after I almost "robbed" you when dad was out of town, you still let me sleep in your bed.  Ellie

I love Mom because no matter how many times I ignore (not purposefully, of course) her phone calls she keeps calling back.  Ellie

I love Mom because she probably has the best singing voice in the world.  Ellie

I love Mom because she is the most thoughtful person I have ever met.  Ellie

I love Mom because she can still rock clothing from the 1990's (i.e. overalls and sweater-vests)   Ellie

I love you because you have freakishly strong thigh's.  Ellie

People....people who need people, are the luckiest people in the world.  Ellie

I love your awesome songs (spiders web, love is something if you give it away..ect).  Ellie

I love mom because she always knows right when to turn on the kitchen sink!  Ellie

I love mom because she always knows what to everyone.  And how to make everyone feel good about themselves.  Ellie

She's a great counselor.  Ellie

She's already the funnest (yes, funnest IS a word) grandma ever.  Ellie

She is forgiving.  Ellie

I love mom because she always made sure we had our lunches.  Even when it was the 5th trip to school that day.  Ellie

I love mom because she is the only mom I know that takes her kids to go toilet papering.  Ellie

I love mom because she thinks of everyone else before she thinks of herself.  Ellie

I love mom because she would stay up till 3 in the morning to help Zach and I finish our science fair projects (and just about every other project we ever did).  Ellie

Mother Dear I love you so, your happy smiling face.  Your such a joy to look at.  You make home a happy place.  Ellie.

I love Grandma because she makes the best banana bread/muffins (and sneaks them to me)! -Wes

I love Grandma because she lets me talk to her on the phone every day. - Wes

I love Mom because of her awesome cooking! - Byron

I love Mom because she is so generous. Steff

I love Mom because she is a redhead!!!! Steff

I love Mom because she did my dishes. Steff

I love Mom because she is practically perfect in every way. Steff

I love Mom because she is my Barbara Streisand. Steff

I love Mom because she mysteriously never gets any older. Steff

I love when Ingrid comes to visit.  –Loren
Your words and phrases…ex: “Your stuff is scattered from heck to breakfast!” Or: “That’s a knee jogger!”-Loren
When you shoot birds…?  -Loren
Your reaction to your fear of spiders and other crawly slithery creatures…  -Loren
When you laugh really really hard.  -Loren
Talking on the phone with you.  -Loren
Swapping date stories  -Loren
The advice, sympathy, and especially EMPATHY you give me.  -Loren
The fact that you’re MY mother!  -Loren
Your DELICIOUS food.  -Loren
Your banana bread, poppy-seed almond cake, and potato anything (these are not included in your “food” category)  -Loren
Your love and knowledge of the scriptures.  -Loren
I was so lucky to have you as my seminary teacher!  -Loren
When you sleep over at my apartment (and sleep in my bed with me)  -Loren
When you fell down the stairs…BUT SAVED THE MILK DUDS! VICTORY!  -Loren
When you let me jump in bed with you and snuggle.  -Loren
How you always know what I need…need physically and spiritually.  -Loren
How funny you are.  -Loren
How fun you are to be around.  -Loren
Your mad game and card skills.  -Loren
Your BEAUTIFUL red locks!  -Loren
You’re always the first to help...  -Loren
How willing you are to help anyone and everyone in need.  -Loren
Your wonderfully magnificent singing voice  -Loren 
My friends are only friends with me because of you...obviously.  -Loren
Your sweet awesome swan dive into the pool.  -Loren
Lime slushies…’nough said.  -Loren
You always know everything.  -Loren
When you make fun of dad.  -Loren


Wynn Family said...

I have the best family in the whole world!!!

A. Verzello said...

I love mom, too! The toilet papering was indeed amazing :)

The Martz Guppies said...

I love your Mom because....She's your MOM! Happy 28th Marylisa! (did I spell that right...NO!)