Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Few Corrections

1.  The cups must be filled with either chocolate milk or blue powerade.  Those are your only options.  And when you are finished, get a plate full of waffles and top them off with chocolate ice cream.

2.  DO NOT play frisbee every night.  I'll think you are a nerd if you do.

3.  Eat dinner at Rob and Ellie's as often as possible.  Then use your extra dinning money to take Rob to lunch so I don't have to make him one.

4.  Roast mallows on the lights at the Bell Tower.

5.  Steal someone's (a friend...preferably Doug) room key and play jokes on them by doing crazy things to their room when they are not there.  Seriously.

6.  Study on the 2nd floor of the library by the gigantic, rotating globe.

7.  Buy a mini loaf of bread and honey butter from Sugar N' Spice and eat it for lunch.  ONLY.

8.  Put on your swimming suit and "lay out" in the grassy area outside your dorms.  Don't worry...everyone else will be doing it too.

And no matter what anyone tells you, NEVER ride your bike on campus.  I will hunt you down.

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