Thursday, March 10, 2011

Corrections to the Corrections

Ellie did a pretty good job at fixing things, but I still have a few things to add:

#2- Yeah, I'm sorry, but freshman go a little overboard with the Frisbee thing...

#7 - Be sure to purchase the wheat bread (but no, it's not 100% whole wheat bread). When I worked there, people would occasionally come up to the counter and say, "I'd like a loaf of whole wheat bread with honey butter." And I had this STRANGE coworker that would reply, "Well, it's not whole wheat bread. It's only 25% whole wheat" as she handed them their bread bag. It was hilarious.

#8 - Don't go lay out with your swimming suit on. I can't believe Ellie suggested this. You are already obsessed enough with your body. Keep your shirt on at all times (except in your dorm room) or actually AT A POOL.  Hahaha... one of the funniest moments I have from Helaman Halls is when, after a long snowy winter, a sunny day in MARCH finally came and EVERYONE put on their suits and went to the pool. Hehehe. Never mind that it was still 40 degrees outside -- the SUN WAS OUT, so that means pool time to everyone NOT from AZ.

#5- A suggestion:  Tin foil everything in his room. EVERYTHING. I've seen it done. It was a masterpiece. They even foiled the person's pencils and paperclips and shoes (not clothes though).

Now on to Lolo's list:

#2 - Man slumber parties weird girls out. Just sayin'.  But I'll leave the final decision on this one up to you.

#4 - DO NOT play sardines on campus -- especially in the library. Unless you want to be hated by everyone else on campus.

#7 - You think that eating a lot of junk food won't hurt you...  wrong, wrong, wrong. Girls are not the only one who gain the freshman 20. Boys' metabolisms start to change to, you know. And, boys with muffin tops are no more attractive than girls with muffin tops. Plus, you just feel gross when you eat a ton of junk.

#9 - DO NOT SKIP CLASS! EVER! I'm not just saying this!!! Seriously, I NEVER, EVER did and let me remind you that I was the one who ended up with a 3 1/2 year academic scholarship. Think about that one :-). On a side note, it never hurts to sit in front, get to know the teacher (yes, I advocate brown-nosing), and make friends with the smart people so you can study with them!  PLEASE DO WELL IN SCHOOL. You have no idea how it will help (or hurt) you later on!

I am stepping off my soap box now...

Love you!


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