Friday, April 22, 2011

So Tender I want to DIE

Click on the image to enlarge. It will open in a seperate window. From there you can click on the article again to magnify the text so it's a readable size...
 A few inaccuracies I must report:
  • Zach's best time in 800 is 2:00 not 2:06.
  • They don't have a sister who runs marathons. They have a sister who ran a marathon.
  • Both parents ran competitively? Um... no. Dad may have swam across the English Channel after Nam, but he didn't run competitively as far as I know.
  • Zach claims he didn't say "I don't like working hard"...  he says that he said "Running is hard work!" For the record, Jake says he heard what the reporter heard. :-)
  • Ummm.... Unless BYU knows something we do not, Zach does not have a scholarship to run there. It would be SWEET if he did, but he doesn't and nobody seems to know where the reporter got that little tid bit of info. According to Jake, "He must have mad-libbed it." Yes Jake, I will make fun of you forever for saying that. It's a real "knee jogger" if you know what I mean!! :-)

BYU-- In case you're reading, Zach will gladly take the scholarship if you want to offer him one. 

Go Get 'em Boys!! Errr... should I say... "Go bash each others brains!"


A. Verzello said...

Go Wynn boys!!! What a cool feature. I have to say I'm embarrassed for the reporter, though, for the inaccuracies you pointed out AND for not spelling Loren's name right! Fact check, anyone??

The Martz Guppies said...

That is SO Cool! YEAH Wynn BOYS! We love you guys!!!

Wynn Family said...

This is truely... true lies! Love it but the boys are pretty awesome:)