Wednesday, June 25, 2008


It's OVER!! Byron and I both finished our last classes at BYU last Thursday! We celebrated after I finished my last final by taking a trip to the Creamery... and yes... God remembered to congratulate us on our last day of classes ever and made sure Graham Canyon was there! That really was a miracle because the creamery is shutting down for an entire year and they said that they are only stockpiling 12 flavors during that time and Graham Canyon isn’t one of them! Sad day! (Don’t worry Mom, we purchased and extra 3 half gallons so that we could share with you all when you come to visit!)

Anyway... It still really hasn’t sunk in that we’re done because we’ve had so much to do. Our apartment was a complete DISASTER from 2 solid months of neglect. We spent the entire day Friday and Saturday cleaning it… and it’s only 500 square feet! Gross. And, our poor garden was so overcome with weeds that you couldn’t even see the soil. But we got that taken care of too. Then unfortunately, as soon as we got all done I got sick with the flu and spent yesterday with my head in the toilet. Sorry for the gross details. Anyway, since my time at BYU is pretty much over, I thought I’d share just a few of the reasons I LOVE BYU…

Why I love BYU…

1. It’s the only college where students are more obsessed with chocolate milk than they are with beer.
2. It’s the only college where students are more obsessed with mint brownies than they are with pizza.
3. Two words: Graham Canyon
4. I own a “Cecil is my homeboy” shirt. (Cec is the President of BYU)
5. Cecil O. Samuelson IS my homeboy (he’s waved to me…twice)!
6. BYU has the most beautiful college campus in the country (and I didn’t make that up… true story).
7. Girls are forced to date older boys, and boys are forced to date younger girls... everybody gets what they want :)
8. You get to go to your professors’ houses (and even shovel dung in their barns sometimes!).
9. They actually get to give you a grade on how much you know about the scriptures. Maybe if they had done that in seminary, more people would have paid attention?
10. It’s the only school where you can actually MAJOR in home and family living. (Oops! How did that make the list? Cause it’s actually something I HATE :)

But seriously, I really do love BYU! Go Cougars!

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Ellie said...

I love BYU too, and yes... I gave you that Cecil shirt!