Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Fathers Day Dad!

I know this is a little late… but I thought this occasion called for a top ten list…

Top Ten Reasons We Love Dad

1. He never lets us forget to eat our crust.
2. He always reminds your friends when it’s your birthday… months in advance.
3. He knows every verse to every patriotic song.
4. He’s a human metronome.
5. There is nothing he can’t fix.
6. There’s nothing he thinks he can’t fix.
7. He has a secret life as the rapper “Masta Nasty.”
8. He’s the mastermind behind every Wynn family adventure.
9. He will NOT leave Disneyland until they close off the lines to Space Mountain and Indiana Jones.
10. He swam the English Channel when he got home from Vietnam.

I love you Dad! Thanks for always being so happy and so optimistic. Thanks for always believing in us and encouraging us to never settle for less than our best. Thanks for always being so fun and for always coming up with all the good ideas! You're the BEST! Never stop reminding us to have fun! Never stop being spontaneous... even if Mom and I freak out about it sometimes :) ... we secretly love it.

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Wynn Family said...

The top ten list is Awesome! How true...all of it:) Dad your the best! Your my night in shinning armor always will and always have been. Life would not be as adventurous and fun without you!