Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I think it is incredibly cruel to continue calling the new dog "dog" or "doggie" as I hear lolo call him, so I compiled another top ten list for favorite dog names:

1.  Rusty- Who doesn't want a dog named Rusty?
2.  Bruno- A disney classic from Lady and the Tramp...obviously a great choice
3.  Buster- For some strange reason I love this name
4.  Fang or Killer- listed together because they both have the same effect
5.  Champ- the name speaks for itself
6.  Charlie- as cute as Chester
7.  Butch- a Scott Wynn favorite for sons, why not try it on the family pet?
8.  Beethoven- a classic dog movie, also a great musician
9.  Buddy- As long as you teach him to shoot hoops
10.  Shadow- from THE greatest dog movie of all time...basically a wonder dog


Wynn Family said...

You got your #9 choice... Buddy, and it seems to fit just fine! Although I love Butch, charlie, and Champ and each were vetoed...

Steff said...

What about SNOTZ? Also from a classic movie...