Thursday, June 12, 2008

The faith your father and I have is probably to much for you to understand... we think it... it grows... we didn't even have to plant a garden. Then of course we watch... we have so many tomatoes and yellow squash coming it is so way awesome! I can't wait to sample the fruits of our faith... We'll try to share but you know the story of the Red Hen... sometimes you don't get to enjoy the hard labor of someone else--you just watch them eat it!


steff said...

I demand a picture!!! Post a picture of your "Garden" (if you can even call it that)!! :) Then I'll post one of my REAL garden! Between you and me... I'm pretty sure Byron is going to try to sabatoge our garden in the next few weeks because he doesnt want to have to eat brussel sprouts and cabbage and eggplant! I'm having to watch it like a hawk!

Ellie said...

We just bought egg plant and broccoli plants for our garden and a rabbit ate them down to nubs before we could get them into the ground. Super depressing.