Friday, June 19, 2009

Supai Village and Havasupai Falls

From the parking lot looking down into the valley, just prior to an 1,100 foot decent to the bottom of some steep switch backs and on to another 9 miles. 10 miles each way.

Dad, Jake and Zach on the trail.

Supai, the Havasu Indian village 8 miles down the canyon,
accessible only by foor, horse/mule or helicopter.

Our first view of Havasu Falls. We were desending the trail to the campground.

Zach being crazy, rushing the falls at Mooney Falls. Named after a higu (white man)
who died while being lowered over the falls on a rope.

Sand art begun by Walt Shumway. His sand easle quickly drew in almost every scout on the trip. Zach made a cool sprite can which Alexander destroyed, my only contribution was the square block in the upper left corner, the small rectangle with the letters LDS and the framing around those areas (Sam Sonntag wrote in the Troop # and LDS).

Close ups

Zach and some of the scouts at the handlebar swing (someone tied some bicycle handle bars on the end of a rope).

Heading down stream below Mooney falls to Beaver falls. This valley was completely covered in lush vegetation, sort of grape vines, 4-5 feet tall. Note the towering valley walls.

Some terrace falls just above Beaver falls.

Mooney falls in the background, a terace and a small grotto pormed by a small falls on the right. Definately one of the prettiest spots on the entire trip

The un-named "New Falls formed when about 80 feet of earth 300 meters across was simply washed away do to the heavy rains last september during a flash flood. These falls are about 50 feet high with a lower ledge allowing access to a large area behind the falls. We were jumping from behind the falls into the clear deep pool, the cool water is beautiful.

Havasu falls not as high as Mooney falls but still very beautiful and better swimming. One can also work their way behind this falls and jump out through the side of the falls.

Zach and Dad at the foot of Havasu falls.

Troop 447 enjoying a simple meal together. Just 21 people made the trip table space was
tight at times but the boys had a great time.

Jake, about 1.5 mi les from the top on the way out.


Wynn Family said...

What an awesome trip. I'm jealous I always miss the fun stuff! The young men thought it was going to be a stupid trip and look how cool it is!

Wynn Family said...
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Steff said...

That looks sooo awesome! I'm going to drag Byron down there someday! Glad you guys had fun and made it out alive! :) I bet you're still feeling the post-hike burn...