Sunday, July 22, 2012

Elder Wynn

I can't believe he is gone! I keep having the urge to text or call him to see how things are going, but then I remember I can't! I'm sure he is doing awesome, it's just a weird feeling that we can't talk to him whenever we want. Anyway, here is the list of his FAVORITE things that I got out of him...

1. He likes to be called Jeff not Zach. (blah blah blah)
2. Favorite holiday = Thanksgiving
3. Favorite candy bar/treat = none
4. Dessert = mom's cheesecake
5. Beverage = cranberry juice (this is just my opinion, but I bet he actually likes the cranberry fruit cocktails)
6. Temple = Timponogos (of the ones he has been to so far)
7. BoM story/hero = Teancum
8. Color = dark grey, charcoal
9. Toothpaste =  anything that burns
10. Xmas tradition = none (lame)
11. Hymn = #100 Nearer My God to Thee
12. Restaurant = Chick-fil-a (really?!! First he actually said "none." What is wrong with him?)
13. Mom's food = mashed potatoes and rolls

**Also, mom says that he doesn't want packages unless you send one for his companion too. He saw  how one elder in mom and dad's ward got tons of packages and letters and the other elder never got anything and it made him feel bad.

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Loren Wynn said...


I also know he loves nutter butters more than anything.