Friday, January 16, 2009

Mom is the BOMB.

Chubby cheekers!

Kind of creepy...

The days of sneaking candy and popcorn into the movie theaters are gone. Now it's all about sneaking in PROTEIN, like the gigantic GRILLED CHICKEN BREASTS Lolo is munching on here...

Parasailing! I don't remember if this picture is of Byron or me, but we both saw the same stuff and it was AWESOME!

This is a life-size gingerbread house! It was about 8 feet tall and there was nothing on the inside supporting it or holding it up!

That's Acapulco Bay behind us. No, I don't usually prance around town in teeny-tiny shorts... we were on our way to the beach so we had our suits on... forgive me.


Andrea said...

Steff, I was looking at your blogger profile and noticed that you mentioned Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites on your books list. I don't think we have ever discussed this before, but I immediately knew I had to get this off my chest...I love those books.

The Martz Guppies said...

How cute are you guys....Ahh finally the perfect honeymoon. I think we should call you guys "The Honeymooners" ; )
PS- Love the new Apartment. I think I need to set up a Martz Family Blog. That way we can ALL be "Up in each others business."
(I just quoted John)